Foot grip

164 screws ensure locktight grip even with snowy boots.


4 layers of 4 mm birch plywood makes fast runs smooth even on rough ice.

Variable action

Alpha Variable trucks can be adjusted to your preferred turning response.


Choose your looks! Custom finish and colors available.

Stable runners

Laser-cut durable alloy iron runners with V-shaped edge for minimal friction and great grip.

Custom Design

crafted by Stefan Söderlund

  • Stefan Söderlund is world champion in icesurfing, awarded ”King Of Ice” in 2014. He also holds the top position in Alpha racing 500.
  • Stefan is a swedish engineer and designer, well known for inventing ground-breaking constructions in several areas.
  • Alpha Iceboards, Alpha Variable trucks and Alpha runners are the result of his many versions towards really great performing icesurfing gear.
  • Alpha icesurfing components are delevoped and manufactured in Västerås, Sweden



  • We use 4 layers of laminated birch plywood for the board. This ensures a good flex and smooth ride even at high speeds and rough ice.
  • Grip is ensured by several screws along the boards upper surface. These are rounded to avoid injury in case of a crash but enough friction to guarantee great contact to your boots.
  • The board can be ordered in custom colors.



Different races require different setups. In slalom, speed or other courses you normally need to change trucks. Alpha Iceboards can be ordered with three different truck-setups. Fixed for slalom, fixed for speed or the brand new Alpha Variable trucks.

We all know that it is important to fine tune trucks to get action and response based on conditions. Using Alpha Variable trucks you are able to adjust turning radius and response using just a wrench. No need for changing trucks!

Runners MUST be perfectly aligned. Alpha Variable trucks are laser cut to guarantee absolute alignement.


  • Stable runners to avoid wobble.
  • Thin and perfectly aligned for minimal friction.
  • Perfectly grinded edges for maximal ice grip.
  • Hard metal for endurance.

Alpha runners have it all! Laser-cut perfection!



  • Birch plywood 4 mm x 4 layers
  • Length: 1500 mm, Width: 355 mm
  • Center distance: 1300 mm
  • Width between runners: 500 mm
  • Color: standard or custom


  • 400 mm x 100 mm x 3 mm
  • V-edge
  • Stainless laser cut durable alloy


  • Alpha Variable (slalom and speed)
    • turning radius approx: 10 – 50 m



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